Liver disease?, Stomach problems?, Colitis?, Pancreatitis?
Abdominal problems?, Bloating?, Crampy pain?
Heart burn?, Constipation?, Diarrhea?
Hemorrhoids?, Anal fissures?
Jaundice?, Hepatitis, Gallstone disease?
Screening colonoscopy, Preoperative preparation?

My private office is part of the ‘Ordinationszentrum Wiener Privatklinik’. It is conveniently reachable by car or public transportation and in walking distance from the General Hospital in Vienna.

The Wiener Privatklinik is equipped with high-tech instruments according to modern standards and guarantees state of the art diagnostic procedures and therapeutic care.

I make great efforts to treat my patients according to their individual needs with focus on their symptoms and complaints. As a university teacher I treat my patients according to the latest international guide lines and principles of evidence based medicine.
A trustful physician-patient-relationship is important and allows fruitful discussion of all medical  problems. Short term appointments and reduced waiting time adds to the patient‘s satisfaction.