Questions and Answers:



Visits at my office are after appointment only in order to set aside enough time for medical discussions. You can call in daily from 10.00 am until 8.0 pm at the Ordinationszentrum (+43 1 40 180 – 7010). Visits to my office might be booked for Tuesday from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm and for Friday from 4.00 pm until 8.00 pm.


Medical reports

Please bring with you all your available medical reports:

  • doctors‘ reports
  • reports of operation
  • Reports of gastroscopy, colonoscopy or other endoscopic investigations (endosonography, ERCP)
  • Reports of ultrasound examinations, CT-scans, MR-scans and X-rays
  • Reports of histologic findings
  • blood chemistry
  • List of medication taken

No direct billing to insurances

Office visits are on a private basis without direct billing to insurances. My medical fee will be billed directly to you. However, you might send the bill to your insurance to get refunding.